Swiss Cleaners has always had a large focus on customer service. Right from the beginning of your experience we try to make everything as convenient and pleasant as possible. One way that we’ve found really makes our customers’ lives easier is our Home and Office Delivery service.

Twice a week we come out to your home or office, pick up your dry cleaning, clean it, and return it to you a few days later. The best part? 

It’s completely free! 

Our Home Delivery features a fleet of four drivers, three mark-in processors, and one supervisor. We currently service customers in over 25 towns throughout Central and Northern Connecticut. Home and Office Delivery offers all of the same services as our stores; you can send in alterations, special requests such as stain removal, button replacements, pressing requests, and all coupons are still applicable.  

If you’re worried about how your special requests will be handled since you won’t have that face to face interaction you would receive in the store – don’t be. There are many options on how you can relay your requests to our processors. Leaving a note in the bag pouch attached to your garment bag, calling your route driver, calling the Swiss plant, or sending an email through our website. You can even use or free mobile app to place these requests and use our coupons. Whichever way you choose our team will ensure your requests were followed. Our “checklist” keeps tracks of all customer requests and checks them before the garment goes out for delivery. It’s our simple way of ensuring, and maintaining, this level of quality to all our customers. 

If you would like more information on Swiss Cleaners Home and Office Delivery you can sign up right here on our website or give us a call at 860-872-0166.